Pay for Print FAQs

  • Why is St. Lawrence going to charge me for printing?

o In response to growing concerns from students, faculty and staff for paper and toner waste and in support of the President's Climate Commitment, we have begun monitoring print usage on all networked printers across campus. 

o In a recent CLAC (Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges) survey, 20 out of 32 reported monitoring printing. Of the 12 that were not, 5 are considering doing so. 

  • Am I being charged for printing during the spring 2009 semester?

o You will not be charged for printing during this time. This pilot semester is to evaluate what a typical St. Lawrence student prints and resolve any technical issues that may arise.

  • What types of abusive printing happens on campus?

o Problems include jobs not picked up from the printer; printing multiple jobs to the printer when the first one doesn't print out; printing a 500 page pdf multiple times; and printing web pages.

  • I am in a major requiring me to print a lot of readings. Will that be taken into account?

o During this semester we will determine an appropriate credit, sufficient for students across all majors.

  • Faculty in my courses ask me to print out all of my readings. How can I save paper when that's the case?

o Our educational technologies staff offer workshops to help faculty and staff learn to leverage technology to reduce wasteful printing

o The Educational Technologies Committee is contributing to this pilot project process and can help faculty identify alternatives to current pedagogies with excessive printing expectations

  • If I am I charged for going over my print quota, where does that money go?

o Any money gained from print overages will go towards the costs of printing - paper, toner, equipment and service. Pay for print at St. Lawrence is not a money-making endeavor.

  • What will my print quota be?

o Each student will get a certain number of "free" prints, for which the University assumes the cost in paper, toner, printer equipment and service. This number will be established after the evaluation semester. Many committees are involved in order to help assess the most appropriate quota for St. Lawrence students.

  • I only printed 10 pages. Why does it say I printed 20?

o  Page counts by the print accounting software are counted as a single side. For example two pages can be two pieces of paper with print on one side each or one piece of paper printed on both sides, known as a duplex print job. While there will be discounted pricing for duplex jobs, each side of paper printed will be part of each users total page count.

  • What are some steps I can take to reduce my printing?

o  Rather than printing a website, save it as a PDF
o  You can also adjust the margins of your document. Often times you can fit things on only one page instead of two
o Always use the Print Preview function before printing to confirm that you will be printing what you expected to print
o Print pages double-sided (duplex)
o Use duplex "booklet" printing. This will reduce pages and print 2 pages in one image, getting 4 pages for the price of 2. Your output will be printed on both sides, like a "booklet."
o When printing PowerPoint presentations, use the print Handouts option. You'll save paper by printing more than one screen per page.
o Do as much editing as you can on-screen and then only print the final document.
o Consider using the copy-and-paste function to highlight portions of text (for instance, in a web site) and transfer it to an e-mail or Word document to print later. Hint: Be sure to also make a note of the citation information if you're including it in a paper!
o Avoid printing e-mail.
o Avoid printing more than one copy.
o Read from the computer display instead of printing.
o Don't print what you don't need.

  • I forgot to logout of the computer I was working on in the Library and someone printed 200 pages on my account. What can I do?

o It is your responsibility to logout of a computer when you are done. You will be responsible for any print jobs that are printed from your account

  • Where do I go if I have questions?

o You can contact Information Technology through the HelpDesk in Madill Hall, by calling the IT HelpDesk at x5770, or by emailing