Pay for Print

Pay for Print

Information Technology has implemented a system to monitor all networked printers in an effort to track and report on campus printing. This is to limit the amount of unecessary printing and wasted paper. Our goal is to create a solution that will accommodate the majority of students, as well as honoring St. Lawrence's Green Initiative.

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  • Terminology
    • Page: one side of a printed paper
    • Sheet: one single piece of paper
    • A duplex print job: Double-sided printing. (two pages on one sheet)
    • A simplex print job: Single-sided printing. (one page on a sheet)
  • Pricing
    • 400 -- Minimum free sheets of paper per student (includes printing and copying)
    • You are not charged twice for printing on both sides of the paper, just the first side.
    • $0.06 -- Price per sheet after 400

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  • Students may monitor their print usage and history -- click on the 'Pay for Print' tab within the eSaint portal .
  • This service allows students to review their printing history for the current semester, and includes information on indiviudal print jobs (time stamp, title, page count and printer name, etc.).
    • Reimbursement credit may be requested in the event of a printer malfunction or when printing is necessary while working for a department. These requests will be tracked to curb abuse, and work related requests must be approved by a supervisor.

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