APR (Academic Planning and Registration)

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- Viewing and Registering for a Course

This page will show you how to find and register for a course in APR. It will also show you how to determine if you are eligible for a course, and if it will fit into your schedule.

- Viewing your Transcript

This page will show you to to find and view your St. Lawrence transcript through APR

Viewing and Registering for a Course

Logging into APR Return to Top

  • If your on the SLU network, type in "esaint" in the address bar. You can also go to the SLU homepage, click the Current Student, and then click APR under the Academic Resources column.
  • Type in your SLU network account username and password
  • Click Course Listing in the top menu

Finding a Course Return to Top

  • Click Course Listing in the top menu of the APR homepage
  • This will bring you to a list of the different departments at St. Lawrence
    • You can click the Distribution bubble to view the courses by distribution
  • To find a course, select a department and click submit

Are you eligible for a Course Return to Top

  • To determine if you are eligible for a course, you need to look at the following:
    • Open: This tells you how many non-reserved spots are currently available
    • Reserved: tells you how many spots are reserved for a particular group of students
      • Click the number to see who the spots are reserved for
      • NOTE: The total number of openings in the course are the combined total of Open and Reserved spots
    • Restrictions: Some courses are restricted to particular students. Click the number in the column to check the restrictions
    • Pre-Reqs: Pre-Requisites are courses that you need to have completed before you can enroll in a course. If there is a pre-req, there will be a "y" in the column. Click the "y" to view the pre-reqs.

Adding a Course to a Working List Return to Top

  • The working list is a list of course you are interested in taking. You are not officially requesting any of the courses in your working list
    • Once you have chosen a course you are interested in taking, click the check box next to the course and click Add to Working List at the bottom of the page
    • You can view your working list by clicking Go to Working List after selecting a course, or by clicking Student Tools and selecting My Working List

Moving a Course to the Request List Return to Top

  • To request a course, you need to movie it up to the request list
  • Before you can move a course to the request list, you NEED to talk to your advisor
  • Once you've talked to your advisor, he or she will remove the advisor hold. This needs to be done every semester
  • On a specific day, the Registrar will run a batch run to determine if you get into the courses you request
  • If you do not get into all your courses, you need to request new courses and wait for a second batch run
Viewing your Transcript

Accessing your Transcriptreturn to top

This will give you access to your transcript

  • If you are on the St. Lawrence network, type in esaint
  • If you are not on the St. Lawrence network, you can go to the St. Lawrence homepage, click on Technology and then click on eSaints Portal in the login tab
  • Click on Student Tools in the top toolbar, and click My Transcript
  • Click Download. The first option lets you view your transcript by year/term, and the second lets you view your transcript by course
    • Both transcripts will show you the same information

Understanding your Transcript return to top

  • This is your unofficial transcript. (You need to talk to the registrar to get an official transcript)
    • Here you can view the courses you have taken and your respected GPA
    • At the bottom of this list, you can view your cumulative GPA
    • This will shows you your semester GPA and your cumulative GPA at the time
    • You can view your overall progress to your degree here
    • You can also view your Distribution Requirements