Outlook Web App -- Using SLU Webmail

New Interface -- For an overview of the new email interface, please view our video: 

Creating a new email message

  • Click the New icon at the top
    • If you click the down arrow next to New, you can select to send an email of a meeting request
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to email
    • To look up a St. Lawrence address, click on To... 
    • Enter the name of the person you would like to email and hit enter or click the search icon
    • Double click on the person's name to add them to your email
    • Once finished, click OK at the bottom
    • The other option is to type the person's name in the To... field and then press CTRL+K to auto look that person up
  • Enter  a Subject Line
  • Type the body of the email that you want to send
  • To Add an attachment, click on the paper clip icon at the top of the message window. Click Choose File to browse your computer for the file. Once selected, click Attach in the lower right corner of that window or click the Choose more files link to add more attachments and then click Attach
  • To Insert a Picture, click on the picture of mountains next to the paper clip.  This will embed an image directly into your message body.
  • Click Send in the upper left corner of the message window to send the message

Mail Folders

  • You can organize your email into different folders on the left side of the Outlook Web App window
  • To create a new folder, right click on your name at the top of the folder list and select Create New Folder and give that folder a name
  • To move messages to that folder, you can either drag the message from your inbox to that folder OR you can click on the message and click the Move button at the top and click Move to Folder and then select the folder from the list
    • Please note, if you are moving multiple messages it might be a good idea to choose the Copy to Folder option instead so that you can confirm all of the messages copied over and then you can delete the messages from your inbox.  Note that there are now check boxes next to each message.

Filter Rules

  • If you click Options in the upper-right-hand corner, a drop down menu will appear.  Click the 3rd option, "Create an Inbox Rule"
  • To help organize your email, you can create filter rules to automatically put certain email messages in certain folders
  • To create a folder based off of an email, right click on the email message and select Create Rule
  • Select how you want to filter the email: Via Sender, Who it was sent to, or Subject Contains. You can click on the options on the right to adjust the criteria
  • Then select from the "Do the following:" drop down menu, what you would like to do with the message. If you are going to move the message to a folder, select that option and then click on the Select One button to the right to select the folder
  • If you would like more options to filter, click the More Options... button. Otherwise click Save
  • Then any new message that comes in that meets your criteria will be automatically filtered to the folder you selected. 

Vacation/Away Auto Reply Messages

  • Click on Options in the upper right hand corner of the mail window
  • "Set Automatic Replies" is the first option in the drop down menu
  • Check the checkbox to Send replies only during this time period and then select the start and end date and time. 
  • Enter your auto-reply message
  • Check the checkbox to Send automatic reply messages to External Senders and choose Reply to all senders outside my organization
  • Enter the auto-reply message
  • Click Save
  • Now anyone that sends you an email during the specified time will receive an automatic reply that you are Out of the office for example. 

Adding Signature Line

  • Click on Options in the upper right hand corner of the mail window
  • Click Settings on the left
  • Under the E-Mail Signature area, enter the signature that you would like to appear on all emails messages
  • Check the checkbox to Automatically include my signature on messages I send
  • Click Save 

Categorizing Email 

  •  Outlook Web App allows you to create categories to tag email/calendar items/etc. with a colored category to better organize these items
  • To manage your categories, click on the little white rectangle to the right of the message subject

Accessing a Generic Email Account 

  • Login to SLU Webmail using your user name and password
  • Click on your name in the upper right side or the web page
  • Select "Open Other Mailbox" from the menu
  • Enter the email address of the account you would like to access
  • Click Open
  • To return to your account repeat the process using your email address

Additional tip: Accessing a Generic Email Account 

  • Go directly to the URL for a specific mailbox
  • https://mail.stlawu.edu/owa/email@stlawu.edu
  • Login to SLU Webmail using your user name and password