SLU_Public_Printing is a virutal printer queue to which you "print." 
Your print job may then be released (actually printed) at any of the SLU_Public_Printing copiers on campus.

How to "print" to SLU_Public_Printing

  • As you would any other printer.  Simply choose "SLU_Public_Printing" from your available printers.  All university computers have been configured for SLU_Public_Printing.  Follow these instructions to configure your personal computer for SLU_Public_Printing.
  • NOTE: copy jobs will expire if not released within 12 hours

How to locate a copier and release your print job

  • A list of public copiers may be found on the Printing Page
  • On the card reader connected to the copier, swipe your ID Card (thicker stripe to the left, facitng up).
    • Press Print (F1 on the card reader).
    • To print all of your current print jobs, press All (F1).  To select individual print jobs, press Select (F2) and use the arrow keys to select an individual job and press Enter, then press Print (F1).
  • Note: your print job will dispense from the middle of the copier (not to the left where copy jobs are dispensed).

NOTE: The public copiers may also be used by all students, faculty, and staff for copying amd scanning.  Click here for complete copying and scanning instructions.