Using Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection and Security Essentials

Access Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection or Microsoft Security Essentials from the Start menu under the All Programs section

Verify your computer is protected

  • In the Forefront  Endpoint Protection or Security Essentials window
    • The border will be green and Computer status - Protected will be displayed at the top if the application is up to date and operating properly
    • The border will be red and Computer status - At risk will be displayed at the top if the application is out of date or not operating properly

Update malware definitions

  • Click the Update tab at the top of the window
  • Click the Update button to manually download definition updates
  • Your computer will be updated automatically, unless it has been off

To remove an item form the quarantine

  • In the application go to the History tab
  • Change the radio button to Quarantined items only
  • Select an item to view the details below the list
  • Check the box and select the desired actions
  • Remove(all) will delete quarantined items
  • Restore will put the items back to their original location(s)

To add exclusions

  • Click the Settings tab
  • On the left you can exclude the following
    • files and locations (by directory)
    • All files of a specific type
    • Processes